Mission and platforms

The motto of the Rwandese Labour Party :
Labor , Freedom and Solidality.
-  Labor is the origin of anything good and of the value to which everybody aspires, being useful to him or her and to others. Work is also the basis for workers’ good living conditions, rights and power;
-  The Justice, capacity and power of the majority of socialist ideas respectful of workers’ rights to which they aspire;
-  Cooperation means workers’ grouping into Associations of the professions they do and into the Rwandese Labour Party (PSR), which defends their interests.
The Rwandese Socialist Party, PSR, advocates African unity and Solidarity.

The objectives of the Rwandese Labour Party :

1- Value work and workers with a view of human development;

2- Enable workers to have a say in the governance of their country, by determining how the finances and property of their country will be used;

3- Protect the consumers’ rights;

4- Give citizens equal rights in the creation of wealth based on the country’s own resources;

5- Promote peace and justice by eradicating any type of injustice;

6- Combat the genocide and its ideology as well as any cause of divisionism;

7- Promote citizens’ full independence and freedom and put for good an end to the situation of refugees by reinforcing cooperation and patriotism;

8- Promote general development based on natural resources and cooperation among Rwandans, Africans and the international community so as to eradicate once and for all the imperialistic policy;

9- Promote among nationals Science and Technology respectful of environment and not aiming at replacing and belittle the human being;

10- Promote interdependence among all people by improving the living standards of those who were disadvantaged by the difficult and atrocious situation of the history of our country and develop strategies to pre-empt a similar situation

To achieve this, the Rwandese Labour Party undertakes to:

1- See to it that each Rwandan National has some job and develop each person’s capacity on basis of his or her skills;

2- Train workers in various skills and in civic education based on patriotism with a view of good governance, grouping into Associations on their own initiative and into the Rwandese Labour Party, which aims at defending them;

3- Urge the Government to institute a business policy protecting consumers’ interests; if necessary, the Government may fix the prices for basic consumption products, taking into account consumers’ purchasing power;

4- Accustom workers and Rwandans in general to find in themselves the forces that can solve the problems they have been facing and by resorting to the forces at the disposal of the country;

5- Ensure that all people have the same rights regarding their living conditions, each according to his or he capacity, without egocentricity, and aspire to a country governed by the rule of law and denounce capital punishment;

6- Promote unity among Rwandans by supporting any policy aiming for reconciliatory justice, having in mind human development in the future;

7- Ensure equality of opportunities for all citizens in order for them to trust the future by investing their forces into national development instead of always thinking of economic exile and awaiting external assistance;

8- Promote development based on our own resources and create our own resources likely to attract others instead of always act in accordance with the desiderata of others; and promote collaboration among Africans;

9- Ensure equality of opportunities for all in schools; use technology respectful of environment, aiming at alleviating people’s pains and not at replacing them;

10- Ensure that all the problems faced by Genocide survivals, those who were disadvantaged by history and other difficulties are solved for good in order for all Rwandans to stand in one burst to develop their country.

The emblem of the Rwandese Labour Party is a one-colour sky blue of the Rwandan sky, which means the hope for the majority of socialist ideas driven by workers’ willingness; only one red star is printed in this blue colour. Made up of five equal branches, the star symbolises the light propagated by socialist ideas and the objectives of promoting the rights and powers of workers in Rwanda and in Africa in general.

The logo of the Rwandese Labour Party (PSR) consists of a red circle, standing for unity, equality and the symbiotic, inalienable and inseparable complementarity of all Rwandans, and Africans in general. The Motto of the Party, namely “Work, Cooperation and Justice”, is printed in the circle.