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Tourist Guide Kigali:
Kigali, capital of Kigali prefecture and of Rwanda, is located in central Rwanda.
It is the country’s most important business centre and main port of entry.
Being built in a hilly country, Kigali is blessed with a moderate high altitude climate that belies its tropical location, and is conveniently located within three hours drive of the main tourist sites.
Founded in 1907 under German colonial rule, Kigali was made the capital when Rwanda gained independence in 1962.
Starting on April 7th 1994, Kigali was the scene of the Rwandan Genocide - the slaughter of approximately one million Tutsis by Hutu militias and the Rwandan army - and of fighting between the army and Tutsi-dominated rebel forces.
But though damaged, the city’s structure has bravely recovered.
Today Kigali is serviced by an efficient international airport and connected to neighbouring Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi by

surfaced roads